Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March update - México missions

                                18 March 2015

As we have just had three days/nights of cold temperatures with rain, this has turned out to be a crazy March!  We should be in the middle of hot sunny days with no rain in the forecast – known as the dry season.
We are all wondering what effect this will have on the plants that need this hot dry season. 

As I returned from my Texas trip in January, God has changed so many things in my life here.  And those of you that know me well understand how much I enjoy change!!  God has His plan, so I’m continuing to learn that I am not in control of even the smallest of details of my life. 

As noted in my last blog update, Maria de Dios has just flown back to the States to spend a few weeks there.  When she returns, if this is God’s plan, we will continue to meet and study the Bible. 

We have just added a new mission trip to our weekly schedule.  We are traveling each Saturday to two pueblos southwest of Autlán.  It takes about one hour and 30-40 minutes to arrive there.  They are Cuautitlán and Cuzalapa.  These two pueblos have been visited in the past, with a long break due to the hardness of the hearts there towards witchcraft.  They completely understand that God is all-powerful; just as they believe witchcraft is just as powerful.  We are spending our Saturdays there, and were very blessed to have 12 people at the service this past Saturday.  This is a photo that I took during the service two weeks ago.

We are blessed to have this opportunity to share God’s love with them – young and old. 

We are to have the Anniversary services at Aposento this Saturday.  I believe this marks 48 years as a church. What a celebration to have – each of the churches here that are a plant of Aposento Alto, celebrate their own anniversary each year.  It’s a wonderful way to witness to the community in each location. 

Of blessings since my last note, is completing my visa renewal for another year and a new Bible study that I have started with my neighbor.  She is very sweet and interested in studying God’s word and how we should live according to His word.  In a world that is spinning out of control (or so it seems, God is always in control!) it’s important for us to know where we stand – and where we should stand in regards to our eternal future.  Does everyone know beyond a shadow of a doubt where you will spend your eternity?  If not, then it’s time to pick your Bible and read what God tells us.  Not just to ‘read’ it, but to study it, word for word.  It’s all there for us, we just need to understand and trust in the Lord’s plan for us: a plan that will ensure you of your eternal home.  Also to understand, as we watch the world continuing in it’s current path, exactly what God’s word tell us so we will know when we hear the truth and when we don’t hear the truth.  There seem to be many ‘versions’ of what people say is God’s truth – or what is convenient for people to believe versus what the Bible actually tells us.  We have to be very careful, as it’s our eternal lives that are at stake. 

As we had the opportunity two Saturdays (outside of Cuzalapa) to hike up a mountain to small rancho (which means there are a few houses together that are not within a small town), I took this picture of where we had walked from.  Very pretty view of where we had come…

Prayer request also, as I study for a test here to acquire my driver’s license!  Hoping I can take it over the next week or so.  I hope each of you is doing well, and study for your exam that we will have in Heaven when we face our Maker – and He asks each of you what did you do with your life on Earth.  If we believe the Bible (and we do!) each of us will give an account of our life before Him.  Are you ready?  Do you need to study more? 

Blessings from México to each of you!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

                                                                               1 January 2015

Happy New Year!  It’s hard to believe the year 2015 is here as we turn the page not only on the calendar but to a new year as well.  As I have been in Texas for a few days, we are enjoying some down time as the roads are covered with ice and a shallow layer of snow. 

As I winded things down in Autlán prior to leaving, it’s always a strange feeling as I’m eager to spend time with everyone here in Texas – meanwhile eager to return to my now ‘norm’ in México.  An elderly lady that I am meeting with, Maria, is pictured below.  She has stolen my heart as we study the Bible each week.  She is not able to read much as her eyesight is failing her.

She listens attentively as we read different parts of the Bible and talk about what each passage means afterwards.  She is someone that I am anxious to reunite with to continue our studies.

In Autlán, we have entered into the dry season.  While traveling a few weeks ago, we were reminded of God’s wonders that He makes for us if only we look for them.  While all vegetation is dying on the mountains, these small trees were blooming brilliant daisy-like clusters.  I couldn’t resist taking several pictures of their beautiful flowers.  

I learned a valuable lesson from these trees, that as a Christian this is how we should ‘stand out’ in the world we are living in.  We are to be like flowers blooming during the dry season. 

As we travel to El Limón each week, we are visiting the family pictured below.  The little lady with the gray sweater had her 96th birthday, so Pastor Leonel and Appa were singing to her.  Seated beside her is her sister.  We have a Bible study here each week with Paulina and her daughter; at times her sister (in the picture) is there as well as another neighbor.

To be that white flower blooming during the dry season…..

As we had our Christmas Concert at Aposento, we were very blessed to see the church completely full.  It was a wonderful time of singing and delivering God’s message of His Son’s birth and plan of salvation through songs.  The following week, the children at Aposento presented a Christmas drama and songs as well.  To be that white flower blooming during the dry season…..

I’m reminded of Ezekiel 28 in the Bible that tells us of an angel who thought he was the reason for the ‘white flowers’ blooming during the dry season.  As Satan was cast out of Heaven for becoming proud of him self, we have to be careful to not become the same.  To continually rely on God’s guidance and thank Him each day for our deliverance is our task at hand.  To stay humble and understand that we are serving a God who is greater than anything or anyone else.  He is the reason for the white flowers in the dry season. To understand God’s characteristics – surely He is the God of love we are told, and some say He would never send anyone to  eternal punishment. In Ezekiel 28 the Bible tells us that Satan made his choice to be proud and place himself ‘higher’ than our Lord God.  He was cast from Heaven to become the ‘lord of this world’.  So if we think for a moment that God is love and would never send us to eternal punishment…would that be righteous if He tossed Satan from the Heavenlies for becoming proud and arrogant (Satan: “I can do this for myself thank you!”) and did not do the same with us?  I think Satan would be the first in line to tell God how unjust that would be – and he would be correct.  We serve a just and jealous God and He wants us to be devoted to Him – completely.  He wants us to understand Him – thus we have the Bible to read and learn about Him.  He wants us to spend eternity with Him – though has provided us the choice to decide whom we want to serve. He has also provided us the way that we can spend eternity with Him: Jesus Christ with His perfect sacrifice for all mankind if we will only choose to believe in Him.  Jesus Christ that arose three days after His death to triumph over death, Hades, and everything that Satan has his powers over.  So what will your decision be this new year of 2015?  Will we make 2015 the Year of our Lord Jesus Christ?  Every day will be a challenge – but Christ has already won over every challenge we could ever face.  I urge you to read about His life in the Bible – learn what He did for you and what God offers you.  Every day is one day less that we have – time is flying by….the world around us is dying. For Whom are you living your life?

That you will have a blessed day today and for the rest of the New Year 2015 as God has your days allotted – learn about Him to become a white flower in the dry season….

Monday, September 29, 2014

September update

                                                             September 29, 2014


As I look back on my last blog update, I realize I owe each of you an apology.  It seems I’m having a hard time sending out my other two monthly updates plus update my blog monthly.  Ok – so if you are not receiving my monthly letter update and would like to receive it, please send me an email or send me a personal f/book message.  My email address is I can promise you that this one does go out monthly.  J  Thus I won’t feel badly for not updating my blog more often though I will try to do better. 

 I always lose track of the dates here, for instance I know today is Monday and we travel to Casimiro Castillo and then Villa de Purificación.  I had NO idea of the actual date – thus to my surprise it is almost the end of September!!  To think that in a couple of weeks I will have been living in México for three years is hard to comprehend – yet I can not think of how it would be to live elsewhere.  It’s hard to explain how I have become comfortable here yet at the same time there are some things that are still not the ‘norm’ for me.  Thus I think some days are still an adjustment of some sort. 

We still travel three days each week, with visits to people’s houses then church services afterwards. Pictured below is the house church at Villa de Purificación where we traveled today.  

In looking back at my post in May, we were visiting an elderly lady whose picture I included named Maria.  While I was in Texas in August, Maria became ill and her daughter who lives in a different town moved Maria to live with her.  I’m glad she had someone to help her though I do miss seeing her!

While we do still have rains coming to us to keep everything green, the rains should soon come to an end.  One extra trip we made one week to visit a family that regularly comes to the services in Villa de Purificación, I took the following picture, which shows

a bird’s nest hanging from a tree limb.  There was actually a river just under this nest! The birds are a bright yellow and black and about the size of a small crow.   

Needless to say, with all the weekly studies, I am learning a lot about our Heavenly Father and His book that He left for us to learn about Him and how we should live.  With so many studies during the week and also with studies here at Aposento, God is stretching and growing me weekly and sometimes daily.  Today for instance in the house church in Villa de Purificación, Pastor Leonel spoke of how the Israelites had to learn how to forget their Egyptian culture in order to learn God’s culture.  When we accept Christ as our personal Savior, Christ asks us to do the same: forget our sinful culture and learn His culture of striving to live without sin.  As I was considering this and thinking of my American (ok, Texas!) culture that I left behind on the other side of the border to come to México to live, I did not really have to completely give up my home culture.  Although I am living in a new culture that is quite different, I have not really had to give up my home culture.  It is just tucked away and I pick it back up every time I cross the border.  So we have to consider: what is culture – to me it is something that we learn as we grow up.  For a comparison:  in the States, we go to a restaurant to eat out.  Normally prior to our finishing our meal the check is placed on the table waiting to be paid.  We grow up accepting this.  Here it’s different:  you eat at a restaurant and sit and visit as long as you want.  You then have to ask for the check – they feel it is rude to present the check to you prior (as if they are saying ok, when you finish your food, leave!!).  Culture – it’s what we learn as we grow up.  It’s knowing how to act in a certain situation without thinking. So we have to look at our selves and what our culture has taught us as being acceptable.  And sadly for us the worldly culture is teaching us nowadays that sinning is ‘ok’.  Little white lies are acceptable; cheating on filling out a form is ok if it’s to our benefit.  If it helps “us” it’s acceptable - thus we are rewriting the Bible to fit our mode of living – do we really feel this is acceptable to Christ?

So how are you doing when you look at God’s culture versus the world’s culture today?  Exodus chapter 20 is a great place to read about God’s standards – pretty high, eh? Thus we need God’s help as the Israelites needed His help – to know how to act and respond in different situations with a new cultural outlook.  Are you ready to forget your worldly culture and embrace God’s culture?  It’s as easy as admitting you’re a sinner and living by the world’s standards; believing that Christ died for payment for your sins and resurrected three days later; confess that He is your only Savior with all your heart.  Easy for some to do – harder to live for us all as we are surrounded by the world’s culture and teachings.  Ask God’s help – He is waiting for you to ask Him how you can learn His culture. 

I hope that each of you have a wonderful week, measuring the world’s culture and standards to God’s culture and standards.  Compare the two and decide which culture you want to live in and which culture you will be comfortable dying in and then being held accountable for your choice to Christ – well worth your time I promise.  

Dios les bendiga


Friday, May 30, 2014

May almost June post!!

                                                              30 May 2014

To Everyone,

As the rainy season has started here, it’s always a chance to venture out on foot!  At times it appears as though it will rain very heavy and we only get a sprinkle.  Other times, it doesn’t look promising for rain and it will pour!  I do enjoy this time of year here.  Soon the mountains will return to being lush and green with waterfalls at every turn – a feast for our eyes for sure. 

I have recently moved to a new location, which I am thoroughly enjoying.  I am closer to the center of town and also closer to Aposento so I am walking everywhere (thus my preoccupation for the rain!).   I was a bit unnerved the other morning, as I was walking in the kitchen *note without my glasses*.  I saw what appeared to be a piece of grass on the floor (I should have known because there is no grass around my house) and was going to move it with my flip flop...and it moved by itself!  It was a small scorpion, luckily small enough it had received a dose of the poison that the fumigator sprays so it moved very slowly.  So it met it's demise that morning.  Needless to say I am not walking around barefooted!

As life is always a bouquet of change, we have had several changes here also.  In the small church of El Limón, Siberia, the elderly lady who lived next to the church has passed away.  She was I believe 96 years old.  We held her funeral in the church there; the street view of the church with the newly painted name is now displayed on my f/book page. 

We continue to travel to El Limón each Wednesday to visit people there and to visit and eat with Yeyo (Siberia’s husband).  We also have services in the church at 4pm in the afternoon.  We are praying for this pueblo and church in seeking God’s will there.  All in His time. 

As we travel outside of Autlán each week, we continue to be guided to different people to visit.  For example in Casimiro Castillo, each Thursday we visit with Maria.  She is a aunt of a family here in Autlán.  She is a sweet little lady of 95 years.  We took the attached picture a couple of weeks ago.  We are a bit concerned, as we visited with her yesterday and she was very ill. 

We have visited her for several weeks – yesterday thankfully her son was with her.  Thus God provided him time to hear the plan of salvation and the love that God has for each of us.  Also how the world pulls at each of us to 'join in' with the rest of the world which isn’t how God wants us to live.  I think this pull is something that we all feel daily in our lives.   Please help us pray for Maria and her son, Salvaldor.  

With our several Bible studies in Spanish, we have also started an English class at Aposento.  We have a lot of laughs, and I’m hoping everyone is learning at the same time!   I am also having to search for rules in English – something we take for granted as English speakers.  With a couple of other English classes during the week, I am able to keep up my English rather well.  Though I must admit sometimes I can’t think of a word in English!  Hmmm

With the weekend upon us all, I pray that each of you will find yourselves in church on Sunday.  What a wonderful way to start off the week, in the Lord’s house giving Him praise.  For He is the only one that deserves this praise – as only with His love, was Christ sent to die on the cross to pay in full for our sins.  To think that He wants to share with us His Heaven for eternity – just think of it!  What if He didn't want us there?  But He does and we can be there forever if only we place our faith in Him.  The One True Savior of the world. 

God Bless each of you,


If anyone has questions or thoughts, please email me privately at